Insulated Lunch Sack
Materials Needed:
  • Approximately 3/8 yard of 45" wide fabric for the exterior of the bag.
  • Approximately 3/8 yard of 45" wide fabric for the lining
  • 3/8 yard Thermolam - You can find it at Joann's and Walmart or order online.
  • 3" piece of 3/4 to 1" wide hook and loop tape
  • 18" of Belting for handle

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Preparing the fabric:

  • Cut one piece of fabric for outside, one piece of lining and one piece of batting each 9" by 28"
  • Cut 2 of each fabric and the batting 4" by 12" (I used a contrasting fabric for the exterior side panel)
  • Use Spray Adhesive to fuse the batting to the outside fabric.
  • Mark the fabric as shown in the diagram. These markings are essential to having even corners and leaving an area open for turning the sack to the right way out.
  • Embroidery on the center marks

1.Using 1/2" seams, sew the side piece on to the large fabric piece, turning the corners at the blue pattern markings that are 3" apart. Leave the needle down and realign the fabric side with the large fabric piece. Repeat for both sides and the lining.
2.Repeat for both sides and the lining.

3.Place the lining inside the outside fabric bag with right sides together. Match the seams and corners.

4.Sew leaving the area between the red pattern markings open and stitch ,using 1/2" seams, the two layers together. Leave the needle down to pivot on corners.
5.Clip inside corners and trim out side corners.

6.Using the area you left open in the top of the bag, turn both layers to the right side out.
Top stitch all along the top edge.

7.Sew velcro to the inside flap and outside front.

8.Sew on handle.

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