I have signed up to the weekly newsletter but...

Every Friday I send out the weekly newsletter and add 4 new letters for download. I do not remove the past letters so those joining late can catch up.

If you signed up and didn't receive the newsletter first check

1. That you signed up before the Friday newsletter was sent out
2. Check all of your spam folders
3. Check the spam folder on your ISP web mail (YES you do have one, call your ISP if you don't know where it is)
4. Call your ISP and ask them to help you locate where the newsletter went

For those that are having blocking trouble I also set up an announce ONLY Yahoo group which is only used to filter the newsletter through Yahoo groups to you. I have found some ISP have white listed Yahoo Groups so you may have more luck receiving my newsletter this way. Go here to join Yahoo Group

Q1. I have looked everyplace on your web site and can not find the FREE Alphabet to download?
A. The alphabet is ONLY available for download on my weekly newsletter I send out on FRIDAY at 12:00AM PST

Q2. I didn't get the newsletter can you resend it?
A. No, I create the newsletter in a mailing list program which mails them out for me.

Q3. Can I forward my newsletter to my friend?
A. YES, as long as you email the entire newsletter and not just the free alphabet. The purpose of the newsletter to to advertise and if you remove my ad you will be in violation.

Q4. I got the newsletter but there is no place to click to download the letters?
A. Then you must have received it in text. You must receive the newsletter in HTML to get the hyperlinks to download.

Q5. I received the newsletter in HTML but still can't find where to click?
A. To the left of the alphabet images is a column with hyperlink text letters. Click on those.

Q6. I click on the letters but I keep getting an error?
A. You need to select "save" and save them to a folder before you open the file.

Q7.Why am I receiving two newsletters?
A.You probably signed up through my mailing list and on the Yahoo Group I set up for those with email problems. You can unsubscribe from one. See Q10

Q8. I joined the Yahoo group you set up for those having trouble but have looked everywhere for the alphabet?
A. The alphabet is only available through the weekly newsletter mailed out on Fridays. I have the group set up that only I can post messages.

Q9. I am a member of the Yahoo group and don't see any messages?

A. I have the archives turned off. The only purpose of this group is to filter the newsletter through for those that are having trouble with blocking issues. ISP are more friendly to a Yahoo Groups email.

Q10. How do I unsubscribe?
A. To unsubscribe from the mailing list go to the mailing list sign up page and place your email address in the box but hit the unsubscribe bottom on the bottom. To unsubscribe from the Yahoo mailing list send a blank email to Sewweird_Newletter-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com Yahoo will email you conformation email which you must reply to.

Q11. I need to change my email address I am signed up with.
A. Go to the mailing list sign up page and unsubscribe your email address (See Q10) Then sign up again using the new email address on the Mailing list sign up page. To change your email address with the Yahoo group use Yahoo help page.